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North Brooklyn Dental Care

Veneers: The Process

Many people from many backgrounds of life come into the our office and want to change their smile. It’s ok to do that, it’s a very very important part of who we are. Often times people are scared of veneers, don’t know what they are, and don’t know what the process is. We’ve touched on what veneers are made of in our previous posts, so now let’s see what the process is.

At North Brooklyn Dental Care we take a biomimetic approach to our dentistry. This means we want to mimic natural tooth structures while removing the LEAST amount of tooth possible. Some people want straight teeth and say “give me veneers” and there is nothing wrong with their natural teeth other than being crooked. Why on earth would we want to remove any tooth structure then??? Straightening the teeth and maybe a bleaching tray and you’d be set! So just get invisalign, bleach the teeth, and BOOM, you got a beautiful (and more importantly NATURAL) smile.

For those who can’t simply straighten their teeth, have bad fillings on the front teeth, stain, chipping, etc, we can use veneers to make your smile beautiful again. The process is as follows:

1. Get molds of the teeth so we can make them out of wax and show you what they would look like. This is great because we can discuss what your teeth would look like without having to do anything to them

2. Once we decide the wax-up teeth look great we can do a mock-up directly onto the teeth so you can see what they would look and feel like.

3. Once we like the way they look in our mouth we can get you numb, prepare the teeth for veneers, and take the molds and photos needed so that the lab can make some beautiful porcelain veneers. You WILL leave the office with temporary veneers on that look and feel exactly like the teeth we tried in before, so DON’T worry about leaving without teeth.

4. Time to cement them in and finish your treatment!!! Hooray! We remove the temporaries and try in the real deal. Now this is VERY important, and we take a lot of time here to make sure everything is how we want it. You will look in every mirror in the office to make sure we like the way they look and feel. If we don’t like something we simply send it back to make sure we get what we want. This may add more time onto the treatment, but a couple weeks is a small price to pay for a beautiful smile. Once we like everything, we cement the veneers to your tooth and you are finished! Treat them like all your other teeth, and KEEP EM CLEAN!

Hopefully this sheds a little light onto what the veneer process is like. We take our time and do things step by step so that we obtain the best final product possible. If you have any more questions about veneers or anything that is dentistry please call our office, we’d love to help. Enjoy!