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Why are my gums are bleeding?

Happy September everyone! We’re gonna keep it short and simple today.

Ever ask yourself ” why are my gums bleeding? ” It’s an all too common question, with a very common answer. The overwhelming majority of the time it is because you need a cleaning. Here’s the scoop: When plaque (a mixture of food and dirt particles, saliva, and bacteria) sticks to the tooth your body recognizes this. Your body does NOT want a collection of dirt and bacteria next to itself. What happens is inflammation. When your body recognizes this it pushed blood to the area in an attempt to gobble up all of the dirt and bacteria and heal the area. The problem is that your body can’t get this stuff off of the teeth. This is where brushing, flossing, and getting your routine 6 month cleanings comes in. SO, when all this blood is pushed into the gums they become red, inflammed, and easily irritated, and then the gums are bleeding. Yes, even with gentle brushing.

So what do I do??? Get to your dentist’s office and get them pearly whites cleaned. And yes, after a good cleaning they will stop bleeding.

If, for some reason, the bleeding is not due to an accumulation of plaque on your teeth your dentist will also be able to identify that and instruct you on how to properly proceed. Hope you enjoyed!! Take care now.