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The Food You Eat Can Cause Cavities

I get many questions like this: “how do I have cavities, I don’t eat a lot of sugar and I don’t drink soda?”

Here’s the answer: “fermentable carbohydrates”

What are fermentable carbohydrates you ask? Good question. Allow me to explain. These carbohydrates are the main energy supply for the human body. They are composed of sugars and starches, which are easily broken down by the bacteria in our mouths, resulting in cavities. The bacteria in our mouths break down the starches and sugars, and the byproduct is acid. This acid then breaks down our teeth, and the end result is a cavitiy.

I just wanted to give you a list so that you get an idea of what fermentable carbs really are:

The obvious ones
-sugary foods
-soda and soft drinks

The not so obvious ones:
-white bread
-potato chips
-artificial sweetners
-milk, and things with lactose
-some beans

Hope this helps a little. And if you have any questions about it feel free to call us up and come on in!