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North Brooklyn Dental Care

The Deep Cleaning

checkup-copy-2Hello! This month I want to answer a question I get all of the time in the dental office. What is the deep cleaning and why do I need it.

Many people question what a deep cleaning is. At North Brooklyn Dental Care we do deep cleanings based on information taken at your new patient exam. When we take “gum measurements” we are checking to see if there is any inflammation (gum irritation) and if there is any bone loss.

So what do the numbers mean? When we have gum measurements of 5mm or greater it indicates that there is bone loss present. So if you have gum measurements of 5mm or greater you need a deep cleaning. These numbers can become lower (and more healthy) by getting the correct type of cleaning (a deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing as we call it), brushing and flossing well at home, and sticking to your prescribed recall. Often times we will put our patients on a 3 month recleaning schedule. This ensures that there is no build up of dirt under the gums, which will make sure the gums are healthy and the numbers start to shrink.

So when the numbers shrink I get my bone back right? Nope, sorry. Once it’s gone it’s gone. And that is why it is so important to stick to your recall and get good, AND PROPER, cleanings.

Hope this helped clear a few things up. We can go into the actual procedure if anyone lets me know that they want that information. Hope you have a great month!