Dental Implants in Greenpoint, NY


5 Things You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-term alternative to traditional dentures. They are implanted directly into the empty space left by the missing tooth and act as a tooth root. Dental implants don’t look like they’re fake, you don’t have to remove them like you would with dentures, and they are made just for you. Patients usually have dental implants to restore their smile, develop oral health issues like periodontal disease, and to stop teeth from shifting.

1. Eating Becomes Easier

Eating can become a challenge if you have missing teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, then you know that chewing tough foods can be an issue. Dental implants make chewing and digesting your food much easier than “gumming” it for hours on end. Choking on your food and indigestion are some of the biggest challenges that patients with missing teeth go through.

2. They Help Save Your Adjacent Teeth

Having a missing tooth can actually threaten the health of your adjacent teeth. The foundation of the missing tooth goes away because there’s nothing to support anymore. Unfortunately, this will begin to affect the surrounding teeth as time goes by. Most try to fix this by using a dental bridge, but this can do a lot more damage than good.

3. It’s a Lengthy Process

Though the process is a long one, it’s for a very good reason. The dental implants process requires a dental exam, x-rays and a treatment plan decided by yourself and your dentist. Once you receive the implant, you will require a certain amount of healing time between procedures.

With any surgical procedure, however, complications can arise. It’s very important to know the risks of dental implant surgery and take them into consideration while making your decision.

4. Implants Look and Feel Natural

Dental implants are designed to fit right in alongside your natural teeth. They are designed to be the shape and color of your natural teeth to ensure a perfect match.

 5. Taking Care of Them is Easy

Because they are implanted directly into your mouth, taking care of them doesn’t require more care than your daily oral health routine. Dentures require a lot of additional care that can get costly, not to mention the fact that they sit on your gums and damage them over time. Dental implants, however, can be brushed and flossed like a natural tooth.

Creating a New Smile

Missing teeth can cause you to have self-esteem issues and dentures aren’t always reliable – or a healthy alternative. Dental implants are a safe, less expensive, long-term solution to help you restore your smile to what it once was.