All-on-4™ Teeth in a Day

An alternative to a full set of dental implants, All-on-4™ offers patients a fantastic way to address numerous or all missing teeth with great-looking results and long-lasting effects. Our experienced dentists provide this innovative procedure at our world-class practice, and they are extensively trained in planning and placing implants for the best possible outcome.

What is All-on-4™?


All-on-4™, also known as Teeth in a Day, is a restorative dental procedure in which two or four dental implants are used to anchor a denture. This custom-made denture fits securely and can replace all missing teeth on the top or bottom arch (or both, as needed). Because it utilizes dental implants, this approach can provide many of the same benefits as a full set of dental implants, often at a reduced cost. During your initial consultation with our skilled team, we can determine if All-on-4™ is the ideal technique for your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of All-on-4™ Dental Implants?

The benefits of All-on-4™ are similar to those of a full set of dental implants and implant-supported dentures. Both offer sturdy, durable, and lasting results. Both can provide natural-looking effects. Since All-on-4™ uses dental implants, you also achieve the advantage of preserving the existing jawbone density, although potentially less dramatically than with a full set of implants. That said, this method usually costs less than a full set of dental implants, and recovery is typically shorter. All-on-4™ has numerous benefits over traditional removable dentures, as this technique also can provide a slip- and mess-free fit and lower maintenance.

What Should I Expect During the All-on-4™ Procedure?

Your comfort and results are our highest priorities, and we will explain every stage of the procedure as we complete it. The steps are very similar to those involved in placing dental implants, and include developing a treatment plan, identifying the best locations to place the implants, placing the implants, and attaching the denture appliance. One of the many benefits of All-on-4™ is the quick turnaround. While a full set of dental implants requires several months of healing before the final, permanent teeth are placed, with All-on-4™ you can go home with the final result the same day the implants are placed. You will have a period of moderate eating restrictions while your new smile heals, after which you can enjoy all your favorite foods with confidence.

How Much Do All-on-4™ Dental Implants Cost?

Your unique treatment plan will ultimately determine the total cost for All-on-4™ implants. The price will vary based on the number of implants used (typically two or four), the complexity of your case, whether you’re addressing one or both arches, and other factors. In general, implants cost between $1,000 and $4,000 each, plus the cost of the denture appliance. We believe that you can make the best decision for your health needs and desired outcome when you have all the information, so we will provide a detailed review of the expected fees once we’ve developed your program. If you have any questions, we are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ready to learn more? Talk to our team today to schedule a consultation with our dentists and find out if All-on-4™ can help you restore your smile and regain your confidence.